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Squirrels Class (2021-2022).

We will be celebrating some of our fantastic learning each half term. 

Week beginning 16th May 2022

In Squirrels and Year R this week we were learning about long and short sounds. First we played a game. We had to listen to a sound and decide if it was a long sound or a short sound. We decided that long sounds carry on after you stop playing and short sounds stop when you stop playing. The children then chose their own instruments, explored the type of sounds they made and then we sorted them into instruments that make long sounds and instruments that make short sounds. I was very impressed! Well done everyone!

Week beginning 9th May

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This week we had a very exciting visit from a steam engine! Throughout the morning we had 5 different activities to complete - car track painting, hat making, tricycle racing, observational drawings at, asking questions to an engine driver and sitting on the steam engine!
On the steam engine, we looked inside the living van and Mrs Hughes told us all about it. We then had a chance to climb up onto the steam engine and look at the fire which heats the water to produce the steam that makes it move!
Then it was time for our special picnic lunch, which the rain didn’t stop us enjoying inside.

Bee-Bot train

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This week we had to help get the train ready to take the passengers on their journey. The children could remember what fuel a steam train needed. We talked about an algorithm and that it meant instructions for a computer. The children worked together as a team to use the instruction cards to work out the algorithm for our Bee-Bot train to follow. We then carefully programmed the Bee-Bot following our algorithm and watched to see if it was correct.
Our first attempt didn’t quite travel far enough so we had to go back and de-bug the algorithm and tried again.
Success, great team work, we all had a turn at following the algorithm. 🚂

Week beginning 2nd May 2022

In Squirrels class and in Year R we were learning about steam engines. We enjoyed exploring the coal and boiler suits, and began to learn about the different parts of a steam engine and how they work together to make it move.

Week beginning 26th April 2022

This week in Squirrels and Year R, we learnt about pitch (high and low notes). Today we learnt to identify and play high, low and middle sounds on a xylophone.

Good Friday

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Breaking news!!!! Year R, 2 of our butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis' this morning.

Week beginning 4th April

Today we had the exciting opportunity of working as a whole school to create our own design for our Hampshire Hare. Each child placed their fingerprint on different parts representing our classes and school. We hope you agree the children have done a fantastic job.


Glow worm poem

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This term we have been learning a poem called ‘I wish I were a glow worm’. The children have been learning a few facts about glow worms and the importance of why it glows.

Week beginning 28th March

In Squirrels and Year R we have been looking carefully at daffodils to create our own observational drawing. We evaluated our drawing by completing our checklist to ensure we included the stem, petal and trumpet. Then we talked about what went well.


Week beginning 21st March

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In Squirrels and Year R we have been learning about texture and layering music. As part of this we chose instruments to represent the different characters in the story of Supertato. For Supertato we chose a drum, for Evil Pea we chose egg shakers and for Broccoli we chose castanets. We learnt to play the correct instrument when the teacher pointed at a character. Once we had mastered this we layered the sound and created texture in our music by playing more than one instrument at a time.

Week beginning 14th March

In Squirrels class and Year R we have enjoyed exploring our environment hunting for pictures inspired from our visiting chicks. Once we found a picture we used our phonics knowledge to record what we had discovered on our hunt sheet.


The chicks have hatched

Year R have been watching intensely at the eggs that arrived on Monday. When will they hatch? What colour will they be? What shall we name them? the children all asked. Much to their delight the little chicks have hatched overnight! It's been a very exciting morning and the chicks have been welcomed by lots of little faces peering in through the window and have had lots of drawings created for them. We look forward to helping the children learn how to care for the chicks over the next 7 days before they are taken back to the farm to live their life with their friends.


Week beginning 7th March

In Squirrels class and Year R we have been doing some gardening. We had fun weeding and preparing the beds ready for Spring. Our aim is to create a minibeast garden, a wildflower bed, and a vegetable patch. As part of our wild garden, we will be using the platinum Jubilee seeds from the Queen.


Christmas Pudding

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This week we have learnt the poem Christmas Pudding and then created our own puddings artwork.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Autumn poem

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This half term our topic has been "How do we make bread?"
During our investigation of the topic we have learnt about the cycle of growing wheat and how this links with the seasons. We extended our language by learning the poem 'Autumn Leaves'.

The Little Red Hen

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This week the children have continued to explore their topic of bread (How do we make bread?). We have read the story of 'The Little Red Hen' and painted a picture of the characters. We looked carefully at the shapes and features of the animals. We hope you enjoy watching our video retelling the story.

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