Week Beginning 8/01/24


This week in PSHE we have been talking about achievements we are proud of and how it made us feel!


Week Beginning 27/11/23


Building upon last weeks Maths, we have been looking at the link between doubling and halving. We have also been exploring odd and even numbers and noticed that odd numbers, you can not share equally. 


Week Beginning 20/11/23



We have been learning to double today! We talked about how doubling is becoming twice as much or twice as many! Ask your child to share some doubles with you, such as double 5, 6, 10 or even 12! 

Week Beginning 13/11/23


Today we got to meet Florence Nightingale! As a class, we discussed and generated questions that we wanted to find out the answers to. We then had the opportunity to ask Florence these questions. It was very exciting! We found out lots of interesting facts about her. Ask us what you would like to know! 


Week Beginning 13/11/23


This week in Ash the children have enjoyed making hues of colours inspired by the artist David Hockney. They started with a primary colour and mixed to make secondary colours noticing the colour changes as they added a little more colour each time. 


Week Beginning 30/10/23


This week in Ash we have really enjoyed Geography! We plotted human features on a map within our school grounds and talked about the difference between a human and physical feature. Some of us went outside the school grounds and used a map. We made a key showing the different features of West Totton and the school grounds. 


Week Beginning 16/10/23


In Geography we have been looking at human and physical features. We sorted a variety of human and physical features which were specific to Totton area! We liked spotting the places we have already been to. 

Week Beginning 09/10/23


 The children have worked really hard this week to write their own riddle about different transport options. They enjoyed trying it out on their friends to see if they could guess what their transport was. 


Week Beginning 02/10/23


This week we have loved designing and making our own vehicles! The children thought carefully about how they could make their chassis and chose which option they thought was best. 





Week Beginning 25/09/23


This week we were lucky enough to visit Beaulieu Motor Museum. We enjoyed a variety of activities such as, taking a ride in an old car, getting to look at cars through time in the museum and riding in an old double decker bus! We have been exploring the history of cars and created our own chronological timeline! 



Week beginning 18/09/23


Following on from last week, we enjoyed writing instructions for how to make a fruit pot, as we are now experts! We even used conjunctions to extend our sentences and make our writing more exciting and detailed. 


Week Beginning 11/09/23


This week we have been learning all about fruit and vegetables. We sorted fruit and vegetables and learnt how to identify the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. We also explored which fruit and vegetables grow under or above ground. Once we became experts, we had a go at designing our own healthy fruit pot ready for us to make!


Week Beginning  04/09/23


This week in Ash class the children have been working really hard on their Maths. The Year 1 children have been learning how to estimate and then check their estimates are correct by counting. They have also been looking at teen numbers using their knowledge of ten to count on to make the correct number. The children discussed how many more they would need for each teen number.  The Year 2 children have been applying their knowledge of place value to count in 10s and 1s to find and write larger numbers up to 100. 





Week Beginning 26th June

Pirate Badges

Ash class were set the challenge of designing and making a pirate badge this week. It had to have an hat, eye patch, mouth, eye and nose and lots of children even added hair and earrings. They used a needle and thread, glue, tape and staples to join the fabrics. Some children were able to do this independently and others needed a little bit of support from their friends or an adult. Everyone worked really hard and all the badges looked brilliant!




Once we had finished, we all evaluated our badges against our design criteria. We identified things that we liked and thought we had done well and areas that we would change if we made a badge again.





Week Beginning 19th June

Grace Darling


Ash class have continued their ‘Ahoy There’ topic this week and learnt about a new historical figure from the Victorian times. Grace Darling was an English lighthouse keepers daughter and she is famous for rescuing survivors from a shipwreck in 1838. The children have enjoyed using the internet, books and factsheets to find out more about her life and sequenced the key events in time order.





We have all written a recount of the famous rescue mission from Graces point of view and used some amazing adjectives to describe how Grace and the survivors were feeling. Well done everyone!




In Maths we have been focusing on Place Value and describing how many tens and ones are in each number, then ordering them from smallest to largest and identifying where numbers sit on a number line or 100 square.


We have also been practising our sprinting, throwing and balancing in preparation for Sports Day next Friday. We hope that you can come?


Week Beginning 12th June

Pirate Day

Ahoy! Ash class have been pirate mad this week! We all loved pirate day and wore some fantastic costumes. Throughout the day we sang sea shanties, went on a treasure hunt, made treasure maps and made pirate ships from paper and Lego. We also became real life pirates during our drama workshop.




We continued the theme for the rest of the week and worked hard to write recounts of Pirate day. Some children focused on writing sentences with capital letters and full stops and others were able to extend their sentences with conjunctions such as, so and because. Several children even added sequencing words to order their recount, as well as adjectives, adverbs and a range of punctuation. Well done everyone!





Week Beginning 5th June

Captain James Cook

This week Ash Class have been learning about the famous explorer Captain James Cook. We started by writing some questions that we would like to find out about him and then began researching to try to answer them. We have learnt that he worked for the Royal Navy and became a captain of a ship called HMS Endeavour at aged 18. He was then sent on a secret mission to find and claim Australia as a British territory. He also nearly reached Antarctica but had to turn back because it was too cold. Captain James Cook had a very interesting life and we enjoyed ordered the key events on a timeline. We cant wait to find out more about him!









Week Beginning 22nd May


In RE this week we have been thinking about how food can be special and used in celebrations. We them learnt how food is used in the Christian ceremony, Holy Communion and the Hindu ceremony, Prasad.





In Geography we have learnt the names and locations of the five Oceans of the world. We researched facts about them such as, which is the smallest and largest ocean. We also spoke about climate change and how it is affecting our oceans.



Week Beginning 15th May


This week we have been learning about Music from around the World. We enjoyed listening and dancing to traditional music from China, Africa, Spain and the Caribbean. Then we explored playing percussion instruments and tried to keep in time with the music. Our favourite pieces were from Spain and the Caribbean as we danced and played castanets and maraca’s. We had to really concentrate when playing the African drums because the class were spit into two and half of us played a two beat rhythm whilst the other half played a three beat rhythm, at the same time! But  the instrument we found the trickiest was the xylophone because we had to follow the notes. We then created their own scores on the xylophone and performed them to the rest of the class. It was lots of fun!



In Geography we have learnt a song to remind us the names of the seven Continents. You may have heard us singing it at home? We also found out some interesting facts about each Continent and worked as groups to create a poster about each one.



Week Beginning 8th May

Miranda the Castaway Shelters

We have thoroughly enjoyed designing, making and evaluating shelters for Miranda the Castaway this week! We all chose a tripod design which proved tricky to build independently, so we not only showed great resilience but also great team work as we all helped each other. Our shelters looked amazing but we agreed that we would have to use a waterproof material to cover the wooden structure if we wanted Miranda to stay dry in the rain.





Week Beginning 1st May


Coronation Celebrations

Well done to everyone that took the time to decorate some bunting for our Coronation Celebration! Unfortunately due to the weather we weren't able to have our picnic outside but we still had a lovely time eating inside. We used the bunting to decorate the classroom and it looked brilliant!




Science Investigation

We have learnt about Materials and their Properties this week. We began by identifying the materials that objects are made of. Then we explored the properties of different materials, such as transparent and opaque, and thought about why specific materials are used to make certain things. Finally, we investigated which material would be best for the roof of a shelter. We decided that plastic would be best as it's waterproof, strong and flexible!



Week Beginning 24th April

Miranda the Castaway Stories


We have been working on our story writing skills in Ash class this week. After reading Miranda the Castaway, Year 1 re-wrote the story in their own words and Year 2 were very imaginative and wrote their own versions of the story. As always we remembered to use capital letters, full stops and conjunctions to make our sentences longer. Some of us even added adjectives and suffixes to make our stories more interesting!





Week Beginning 17th April

Fire Service Visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from 'Corinne' from the Fire Service on Friday. She taught us how to stay safe at home and at school. We talked about the dangers of items around the house and what to do in an emergency. Luna did some excellent role play with Corinne and practised speaking to a service operator on the phone. We now know that we must ring 999 and tell the operator our full address over the phone in the case of an emergency. Ashton and Mrs Tutton got to try on the fire firefighters uniform, they had a race putting it on and Ashton won! We all had lots of fun and learnt some very important life skills!



Message in a Bottle

We have been reading 'Miranda the Castaway' and thinking about what life would be like if we were castaway on a deserted island. We have spoken about all the things that humans need to survive, such as, shelter, food and water and then wrote a message in a bottle hoping that someone will come and rescue us!



Addition and Subtraction

We have been working hard on our addition and subtraction strategies this week. Year 1 have been adding and subtracting 10, 20 and 30 by making jumps up or down on a 100 square. They then progressed to using their new skills when adding and subtracting money problems. 



The Year 2's have been learning to add using partitioning and subtracting by either counting up or counting back on a number line. They were then given some worded problems and had to decide whether they needed to add or subtract to solve the answer!




Week Beginning 20th March

Letter Writing

We hope that you all received your letters this weekend? Ash class have worked hard on them and made sure that we have included information such as, where and what date and time the Ukulele concert is. In addition, we have all remembered to use capital letters and full stops and some of us have added the conjunction 'and' to extend our sentences. Others have even used a range of conjunctions and added suffixes to their letters! We hope that you enjoy reading them and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday afternoon for the concert!





Week Beginning 13th March


We have been developing our multiplication skills this week. We all practised counting forwards and backwards in 2's, 5's and 10's whilst doing actions and some of us started to count in 3's! As well as learning mental maths skills we have been multiplying using concrete and pictorial resources such as 100 squares, number lines and arrays. 





Week Beginning 6th March


We painted some beautiful daffodils this week, inspired by the William Wordsworth poem, 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud'. We used watercolours and different sized brushes to create our artwork. Afterwards we wrote evaluations of our paintings using a variety of conjunctions in our writing.






Week Beginning 27th February

World Book Day

We all dressed up as our favourite book characters on Friday to celebrate World Book Day. We read and reviewed four books throughout the day and then voted for our favourite. 'The Day Fin Flooded the World' by Adam Stower was the clear winner! It had us all engaged with its funny story and brilliant illustrations.




Week Beginning 20th February

Step Into Spring


On Monday, Key Stage 1 enjoyed a morning of Spring activities. We did a Spring dance, some digging and weeding, a scavenger hunt, made a colour palette from natural objects and some mindfulness activities. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it gave us lots of exciting vocabulary to use in our recount writing. Can you also spot the conjunctions and plurals that we used?




This week we have been identifying the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We also explored making symmetrical patterns and finding lines of symmetry in shapes.





Week Beginning 6th February


Perfect Pets

We have been busy painting and decorating our Perfect Pet sculptures this week. We learnt to mix colours accurately and use different brush strokes to create texture for our pets skin or fur. They look great!






In ICT this week we have learnt how to input data into a table and turn it into a bar graph. We started by making a pictogram of our class pets and made a tally chart with the information. Then we transferred the information onto a table in 'Word' on the computers which we used to make a graph. It was very complicated so we worked in pairs and small groups!





We thought about 'remembering' in R.E. this week and shared things that are special to us. Then we learnt about Vishnu, a Hindu God. We visited a Hindu shrine in the Giraffe room and explored objects that are special to Hindus.





Week Beginning 30th January                       Pet Morning

We were lucky enough to meet some of our friend’s pets on Thursday. Colin the Chameleon, Henry the Tortoise, Goldie the Canary, Lily the Guinea Pig and Bella and Lola the rabbits. We asked lots of scientific questions about each animal and learnt some interesting facts. Did you know that pet Chameleons need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark to keep them healthy? They also like to eat locusts and crickets! We used some of our new knowledge to write some riddles about pets. Can you guess the animal?






What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

Everyone has been learning to tell the time this week. We have made great progress but always need more practise. Please can you help us at home?





Week Beginning 23rd January                  Perfect Pets

We have been sculptors this week, creating newspaper sculptures or our favourite pets. We have squashed, twisted, rolled and folded newspaper to create a body shape, then attached card for extra detail. Some of us started to cover our sculptures with paper mâché, it was very slimy but great fun! Watch over the next few weeks to see how our sculptures develop.







In Science we have been learning how to identify and describe mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds.  We have also learnt to classify animals according to different criteria, such as whether they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. We’ve recorded all our learning in diagrams, sentences, tables and Venn diagrams. What a busy week!





Week Beginning 16.1.23                 Royalty


We have enjoyed finding out about life in The Edwardian and Victorian eras this week and learnt about their monarchs, Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. We compared aspects of their life and identified similarities and differences between each period. We were all very shocked to learn that during the Elizabethan times they used chamber pots rather than toilets and lots of us decided that we would rather have lived in the Victorian times as they introduced Christmas and liked to take trips to the beach in the Summer.





                                                  Addition and Subtraction


Ash class have worked hard this week learning new addition and subtraction skills. Some have had fun adding 10, 20 and 30 to numbers using money at a toy car wash. They remembered that addition can be done it any order and used a 100 square to help them with their calculations. Others learnt to subtract 2-digit numbers using spider counting on a 100 square. Well done Ash class!



Week Beginning 9.1.23         Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Ash class thoroughly enjoyed the pantomime on Monday and it provided them with lots of motivation to write their Snow White stories this week. They worked hard to include conjunctions and adjectives in their writing and some children even used possessive apostrophes and suffixes.


We continued with the Snow White theme in ICT and firstly took photos of puppets retelling the story. Then learnt how to used 'Word' to insert the photos and add text to make a poster. All children explored adding borders to their photos, changing the colour, size and style of their writing. Well done Ash class!



Once upon a time...

This week in Key stage one we had a mysterious visitor who crept into our assembly and without a sound left a basket. After looking inside we discovered some items that gave us clues to who this cloaked lady might be. Can you guess which story this character might be from? Hazel Wood children made great detectives and worked out the story very quickly.

Week Beginning 3.1.23              Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Ash class returned to school full of energy this week and have enjoyed retelling the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, using lots of actions. They have drawn and annotated their own story maps which they will use to help them write their stories next week.



Place Value

Ash class have been working hard to extend their knowledge of place value this week. We can say how many tens and ones are in a two-digit number, find 1 more and 1 less than a number and plot numbers on an unstructured number line. Some of us can even round numbers up or down to the nearest ten. Well done Ash class!





Remember, Remember !


We listened to Stravinsky’s piece of music called ‘Fireworks’ and thought about the instruments he used and listened to the dynamics in the piece of music. We watched a video of different types of fireworks, some of us thought about if they were loud or quiet and some of us thought about if they went from quieter to louder or vice versa. Then we explored the instruments and thought about which sounds would be appropriate for each firework and  picked a graphic notation to represent each firework. Finally we worked in two groups to compose our piece of music. We focussed on loud or quiet and on making the dynamics change from quieter to louder.

Year 1 Ash

Year 2

Remember, Remember!

WB 14.11.22 


Another super week from the Ash class. A week full of lots of hard work and giggles. We started the week learning and creating wonderful firework pictures and ended the week dressed up in spots and Pudsey to raise money for 'Children in Need'. A big well done and thank you for all your marvellous costumes and clothes and of course for your kind donations. 


In Maths this week, we have been learning about time. The children have explored the terms 'o'clock and half past' and the year 2s have extended their learning using the terms 'quarter past and quarter to'. We also read a story about a very cheeky and hungry caterpillar. 


The children have worked very hard learning historical facts about how Guy Fawkes was caught trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament. The children remembered these facts so well and wrote these facts down using capital letters, full stops, questions marks and conjunctions. We are very proud of the hard work and determination the children have shown this week. Keep up the great learning Ash class!

Our learning this week.

Week Beginning 07.11.22


This week the children have been learning lots about Guy Fawkes and King James I. The children have had the opportunity to open a PowerPoint and read information about Guy Fawkes and King James I. They have also explored how to cut and paste key facts into a Word Document. Using their key facts, the children wrote sentences using conjunctions about Guy Fawkes and King James I. 


During Maths, the children have been brilliant at solving number problems. They have found 1 more/less than a number and added multiples of 10 to any given number!


The Ash class have been working so hard and earned so many Dojo points that they have earnt a class party on Friday 18th November! A huge well done to the Ash Class J and keep up the great work.

Our amazing work this week!

Remember, Remember. Week beginning 1/11/22

Creativity has jumped into the Ash class this week! The children have been designing a pumpkin picture inspired by Yayoi Kusama. The children explored making spots using oil pastels, charcoal, paint, chalk and crayons. Using the new skills the children had learnt, the children designed their pumpkin picture and planned which colours and backgrounds they would use. Take a look at their fantastic pictures. A huge well done to the Ash class!

Art Week in the Ash Class

Pumpkin Pictures

We have had a busy week! This week in Maths we have been learning how to accuately measure different objects. We have learnt how to estimate different lengths and use a variety of ways to measure different objects. After reading the story, The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, we have been busy designing and making our own Lighthouses. First we practised different techniques that use pastels and then we used the skills to complete our Lighthouses. In English we have been learning how to write instructions. In Geography we have been learning about the United Kingdom and what countries make up the United Kingdom. A super week of learning Ash children. Well done :) 

Sandwich Making in the Ash Class!

Learning Blog

Ash class have been writing!

Ash Class 24.3.22

Ash Class WC 14 3 22

Ash class have been rolling, pressing, smoothing and manipulating clay to make a lovely, round sphere. 

We were even making marks to replicate the texture of polar animals. We are now going to make our own clay animal. smileyyes

Mark making our clay

Ash Class Learning WC 7th March

The Ash class have been making maps of the continents and seas of the world.  They worked in teams with their friends to get all the continents in the right places and learnt about the equator. Ask us all about it and we can tell you!yessmiley

History of Printing Day

Still image for this video
Ash Class has enjoyed learning about how printing has developed from William Caxton with the early printing press to the invention of the World Wide Web. The children created timelines and took part in printing activities some of which were edible! They thought about how creating books has changed and become a much easier process. A class book review was written and the children explored how to safely use the Internet to share our learning.

Our Musical Firework Display

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For the last three weeks we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate bonfire night. As a part of this Topic we have created a musical composition of what they interpreted a firework display would be like. We learnt about the different types of fireworks. The year 2s had a visit for the fire brigade to speak about safety on Bonfire Night. I hope you enjoy this musical firework display.

Our A-Z alphabet inspired by Steven Brown

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The Ash Class have really enjoyed our ‘Animal Antics’ topic this term. As part of this topic we have read Zebedee’s Zoo, Shark at the Park and Little Red Riding Hood. We have also been learning the skill of how to mix primary colours. To showcase this the children looked at pictures by the artist Steven Brown and painted their own interpretations of different animals to create an A to Z alphabet.
Welcome to Ash Class from Mrs Turrell, Mrs West and Mrs Dickenson 
We are really looking forward to September and all the fun and learning we will have together 🙂

Mrs Turrell

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Mrs West

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Mrs Dickenson

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Welcome to Ash Class!


Celebrating all of our fantastic home learning during lockdown. We are very proud of you all. 

Home learning

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Curriculum Information Evening September