Elm class has been busy finding differences and similarities between these houses. We noticed that there were differences in colour, number of windows and the position of the chimney. We even played a game with our partner where we had to guess the odd one out.

In Elm Class this week, we had our first tennis session with Coach Oliver Barnes from Totton and Eling Tennis Club. We thoroughly enjoyed this and he taught us ways to develop our sending and receiving skills. We developed our team work skills, too, by working collaboratively with a partner. We have two more sessions with Coach Barnes before Easter.

This week in Elm Class, we have been generating adjectives to describe the textures of materials which  represent polar animals e.g sequin material for an Arctic cod, silicone mat for a seal. In Art, we then thought about how we could represent the texture of different polar animal's fur, scales and feathers using pencils. This is in preparation for us to make our own polar animal out of clay.

In Elm Class, we have started learning to play the ukulele in our music lessons. We have learnt how to handle the instrument and have begun to play it as a group. We have also learnt the parts of the instrument and what they do.

History of Printing Day

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Elm Class has enjoyed learning about how printing has developed from William Caxton with the early printing press to the invention of the World Wide Web. The children created timelines and took part in printing activities some of which were edible! They thought about how creating books has changed and become a much easier process. A class book review was written and the children explored how to safely use the Internet to share our learning.

Guy Fawkes

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We have really enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and 'The Gunpowder Plot'. We developed our skills of asking and answering questions about the events leading up to the capture of Guy Fawkes and the celebration which took place after. We have been busy exploring how music is created, produced and communicated through composing and creating a musical piece to pictures of fireworks. We hope you enjoy listening to our sound track of music.

Animal Alphabet

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In Elm Class, for our Animal Antics topic, we practised mixing primary colours to create secondary colours. We looked at paintings by the artist Stephen Brown and then painted our own animal paintings to create the alphabet.

Welcome to Elm Class from Miss D'Arcy, Mrs Booth and Miss Williams
We are very excited for our year ahead and learning lots of new things 🙂

Miss D'Arcy

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Mrs Booth

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Miss Williams

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Home learning

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Curriculum Information Evening September