PE and Sport Premium

Primary Sports Funding


At Hazel Wood  Infant School, we believe that physical education is a vital part of every child’s infant school experiences, and physical well-being for every learner is given high priority within our School Values.

We want to see every child develop and grow in physical confidence and dexterity, and participate in a range of physical educational opportunities, including competitive sport. Above all else, we aim for our children to develop an enjoyment of physical activity and an understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle.

We are fortunate to have, in our school grounds, an excellent environment for outdoor physical education, and we offer a range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to inspire all of our children to participate fully.

We welcome the government’s commitment to sport in primary schools through the School Sport Premium. This funding is given to schools to promote sport as part of the Olympics ‘inspire a generation’ message.

We have used the documents published by the Ofsted and the DfE to support us in assessing and auditing our provision of PE and identifying how to spend our Premium.


For the academic year 2023-2024, Hazel Wood  School received a budget of £17,380 in Sports Premium funding. The planned use of the PE and school sport funding at Hazel Wood  Infant  School has been extremely effective in improving and sustaining high quality teaching and learning of PE and sports provision.

Please find below a link to information regarding the impact of Primary Sports Funding at Hazel Wood  Infant School.