Week 4 Learning Oak Class

Getting ready for the Platinum Jubilee.

This week we have been getting creative at home and in school in preparation for our ‘Platinum Jubilee Celebrations’. We have been making bunting to put up for our street party. We have used lots of different mediums such as, collage, mosaic and colouring. We can’t wait to display them and celebrate this historical event.

Making bunting for the 'Platinum Jubilee'

Kittens 17 days old

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Eyes open and wondering around!

Kittens 11 days old :)

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Week 3 - 8.5.22 Exploring, designing and making Tudor houses

This week we have been exploring what Tudor Houses were like and what they were made from. We have explored different joining techniques and designed our houses. We are really looking forward to making them and showing them off on Friday!


Exploring joining techniques

Week commencing 3.5.22


This week we have been learning about the impact of the Great Fire of London on the people that lived in the city. We imagined that our house burnt down in the fire and we were living in a tent on Hampsted Heath. we talked about the conditions and what they would have been like. W thought about how we would feel. We wrote a letter to King Charles expressing our unhappiness about the situation and asking for help! We focused on using the prefix 'un' and using a range suffixes. We thought it was very unfair!

Our fabulous letter writing

                                                New Kittens

On Friday 29th April I had an exciting day as my cat Lilo had five new kittens. The kittens are very cute but they have their eyes closed and can't hear anything at the moment. They sleep and eat a lot!There are 3 tabby kittens , a black and white kitten and a pale ginger kitten. They are changing fast already! I will post pictures each week so you can watch them grow and change .



Kittens 3 days old

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Oak Class Learning WC 28.3.22

This week in Oak class we have been celebrating Autism Awareness Week. We have been talking about Autism and learning how everyone is different and special. We talked about how we all have differences and how these can be celebrated and that we should all be proud to be who we are. If we were all the same life would be very boring! We had some lovely stickers made by a child in Maple that told us to 'Be proud of who we are' and we wore them proudly!


Autism and Iphones

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We watched this to try and understand that we are all different and have different ways of doing things.No way is right or wrong!

Oak Class WC 21.3.22

In geography this week we have been comparing the seasons in the Polar Regions with the seasons in Totton. We then compared the physical and human features of the Antarctic ‘McMurdo’ research base with those in Totton and sorted some photographs. Later in the week we will be talking about the issue of climate change and how it is affecting the Polar Regions. In school and at home we will all be trying to do our bit to slow down climate change!



Geography in Oak class

Oak Class Learning - WC 14/3/22


This week is art week and we are exploring textures through clay. We have been exploring different materials and describing how they feel using adjectives. We sorted animals by the textures of their skin comparing them to the materials we explored. Later in the week we will be using this to make our own polar animal out of clay using mark making and joining techniques. We can't wait! You will get to view our amazing animals in our art gallery at the end of term!                                                     

Exploring textures

Oak Class Learning WC 7th March 2022

This week Oak class has been having great fun in music learning about the parts of the ukulele, how to hold it properly and we have started to learn how to strum it! We have also been finding out about the arctic circle and the polar bears that live there. Ask us some facts and we can tell you all about them!smileyyes

Ukulele fun in Oak Class

History of Printing Day

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Oak Class has enjoyed learning about how printing has developed from William Caxton with the early printing press to the invention of the World Wide Web. The children created timelines and took part in printing activities some of which were edible! They thought about how creating books has changed and become a much easier process. A class book review was written and the children explored how to safely use the Internet to share our learning.

Oak Class 'Fireworks in the Sky'

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We have really enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and the 'Gun Powder Plot'. We have done some drama, art, writing and composed a piece of firework music. For our musical piece we thought about the sounds different fireworks make and chose musical instruments to represent those fireworks. We went into groups and created a piece to represent a firework and then we put all the fireworks together to make our piece of music.

Oak Class 'Steven Brown' inspired animal alphabet art

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We have had great fun learning about different animals in our 'Animal Antics' topic and have been doing lots of writing and art. In our writing we have looked at the alphabet and practised our upper and lower case letters. We have learnt the skill of colour mixing using the primary colours to make different greens, purples and oranges. We also looked at the Scottish artist 'Steven Brown' and painted animals in a similar style. Each child painted an animal from a different letter of the alphabet and we have made their paintings into an alphabet book. Please enjoy looking at our colourful paintings with your child. Look out for some of the more unusual animals. We even have a Vaquita which is criticaly endangered!

Welcome to Oak Class Love Mrs Davey and Mrs Beard

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We are really looking forward to welcoming you to Oak Class and welcoming back our amazing year 1's. It will be a fantastic year full of lots of fun learning 😊

Mrs Beard

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Welcome to Oak Class!

Celebrating all of our fantastic home learning during lockdown. We are very proud of you all. 

Home learning

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Curriculum Information Evening September